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02 Jun 2014




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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 02 Jun 2014

RSS feeds and Usenet services can make it much easier to keep up with the latest news. Also, instead of looking through countless websites, you can retrieve the information you are interested in via specialized feed clients. A good solution is SABnzbd, which is capable of gathering the latest news from any RSS or Usenet sources. Once it downloads your news, the application will sort everything automatically.

SABnzbd can download and sort information while working in the background. You can manage downloads and sources or tweak the application's behavior on a web-based user interface, which you can access on your preferred browser, by typing in the corresponding address or through an icon on the menu bar. The web interface displays your queued, active and completed downloads in a list, along with various filtering options.

The application comes with a rich configurations panel as well. It consists of many pages, on which you can find even more options, for reconfiguring SABnzbd's behavior anyway you want. Among the large number of pages, you may find the Servers and Scheduling pages particularly interesting. The Servers section allows you to set up additional Usenet sources. It is also possible to set up RSS feeds, just by pasting their corresponding URLs in a different section.

SABnzbd can be scheduled to perform various actions, on specific days, at an hour of your choice. You can set it to pause, resume or stop downloads, read RSS feeds or a particular Usenet source and more. Also, you can set the application to send notifications via email, when a job is complete, if the hard drive is nearly full or when an RSS has been updated. Add the fact that you can set up your own categories, select your own folders and make other fine tweaks and it is safe to say that SABnzbd has everything you need.


The application can follow RSS and Usenet feeds. It can download and sort the information automatically and it can perform other actions, according to your own timetable. What's more, SABnzbd is free and it is cross-platform.


You may need to take your time when configuring Usenet accounts. Thanks to SABnzbd's automated features, it does not take more than a few clicks to retrieve all the news you want.



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